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Little gift to myself!

Posted by jen on July 26, 2010

I got this in the mail today!!!!

hahaha i know it’s a lil silly but i like it! cute little hoodie to wear on the plane for the honeymoon…maybe even the day of the wedding as we are getting ready. we will see ūüôā i like it!

Next week everything for the wedding is getting finalized. YIKES so much to do


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So much happening so quickly!

Posted by jen on July 4, 2010

My Mom and I spent the ¬†majority of Thursday putting together wedding invites. ¬†That had to be the worst thing ever. ¬†So many labels, so many details, so much stuffing! ¬†Luckily my MOH has stepped in and is wanting to help me next time I’m in McAllen. ¬†Here is a snipit of what my Thursday looked like:

This was our poor attempt of trying to match the inside envelope (on the table) to the outside envelope. nightmare!

I got my dress in this week!!!!! Cant wait to take it to the Austin tailor and get it fixed up just how I want it.  Here are a couple of pictures (non traditional wedding = why not show the dress?!?!)

1st pic is the back to show the train, 2nd is back w/ the sash

We are getting married on a golf course at the McAllen Country Club. ¬†Wedding is private – immediate family only so, to me, this dress is perfection. ¬†Simple yet elegant and not over the top wedding-y since we aren’t having a traditional ceremony. ¬†The vows are private to us and the MOST important part. ¬†We chose to have it this way for 2 reasons: 1. I didn’t want to have to to deal w/ walking down an aisle w/ out my Dad. There are several who could have stood in his place but I want this to be HAPPY and that would have been way too hard for me. ¬†2. We are just a really private couple. ¬†We like being alone and we felt the vows should be done w/ only family. ¬†No worries, BIG, fun reception to follow for everyone!!! (if only I can find a DJ to make it all come together!)

I mentioned earlier but drew got my wedding band!  Here it is put together:

hello BLING!   Love it

Things I still need to do:

-book our hotel for wedding night

-find a DJ!!!!

-finalize reception menu

-switch up the wedding cake filling

-coordinate w/ bridesmaids on their dresses

-finish up labeling wedding invites on people whom have not given addresses!

(there are other things, but these are the most pressing) I’ve dreamt of my wedding all my life but now that it’s 125 days away i’m just so sick of “planning”. ¬†Cant it just get here, we have a great big party and be done w/ it?

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Please help!

Posted by jen on June 20, 2010

So i want to have my hair low and pulled to the side, SOMEWHAT like this:

So the question now is, should I buy a vintage broach to go in my hair (where these girls have flowers) like this:

OR should I got with flowers.  If i do get flowers I def want it to have color like this: (although it could be an orchid but probably a rose)

What should i do?!?! cant decide!

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Wedding Band

Posted by jen on May 29, 2010

Drew sent off my ring last week. ¬†A small side diamond fell out and while it was at the dealer he bought it from, Drew went ahead and bought the band to go with it. ¬†We’ve not been able to find a band that fits around the cut of the center diamond, but this comes pretty close!

Drew has big fingers! haha it barely fits on the tip of his pinky! ūüôā Looks so nice though! Getting excited!

I bought my wedding dress today!!! It’s being shipped. ¬†Should I post a picture here or is that just way too much? ¬†Diana….?! ūüôā

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Engagement Pics are in!

Posted by jen on May 10, 2010

Here is a slideshow the photographer made for us! looove it ūüôā


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Waiting for Engagement Pics!

Posted by jen on May 6, 2010

We took our engagement pictures last Friday.  Cliff met us at Bull Creek.  My original dress ended up being way too baggy so I found this dress last min.

I wore a little navy blue cardigan over it….cute, cute, cute. ¬†Cant wait to see how they turned out. ¬†The day was a VERY humid one and by the end of the shoot we all were drenched in sweat and my bangs were plastered to my forehead. ¬†Really attractive ūüôā ¬†Hopefully Cliff works his magic! ūüôā

We fired our florist and are going with some new people. ¬†They are going to do GREAT work and their proposal was less than half that of our 1st guy. ¬†More money to spend on the reception! woohoo! ¬†Mom is coming in town tomorrow and she wants to get more planning done. ¬†I’m in my last week of finals so don’t know if I can completely get in the wedding mode just yet. ¬†Should be fun though!

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Cake Topper and FLOWERS

Posted by jen on April 14, 2010

I finally got my cake topper in the mail!  I ordered this almost 2 months ago!  So truth be told I ordered 2 cake toppers.  I hated the 1st one but i really LOOOOOVE this one!!!

In other news…we finally found a florist. ¬†I really think he’s going to do amazing work, but I’ve already had to get “bridezilla” on him. ¬†I have specific colors! Orange , brown and gold….yet his proposal included purple and deep red . ¬†I doooooon’t think so! ¬†Also we gave him a very specific (and LARGE) budget to work with and he went way over that. ¬†People need to listen better. ¬†ugh.

In other, other news Drew got a job offer with the government!!!!! ¬†The job offer is like step 4 of 10 but the other steps move pretty quickly. ¬†Looks like we’ll be moving out of Texas in the very near future. ¬†Kind of exciting for us. ¬†We are really looking forward to starting our lives together in a new place.

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Engagement Dress

Posted by jen on February 27, 2010

Drew took me to Anthropologie today! ¬†I bought the dress I’m going to wear for our engagement pictures. ¬†Those will be taken in May. ¬†The photographer wanted us in the same color, and wanted it to be a dark color. ¬†I got this CUTE Navy blue sun/shirt dress:

I also got a pretty gold necklace to go with it. ¬†Now all I need is the PERFECT shoes!! ūüôā

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Posted by jen on February 25, 2010

I’ve got to start getting my flower ideas together. ¬†We are meeting with some florist over Spring Break. ¬†I want some tables to have tall, branchy center pieces:

And I want some to have normal flower arrangements:

I want it all to look VERY modern and have lots, and lots of candles.  I want my bouquet to be mostly white with a few pops of color:

The bridesmaids will have all orange bouquets w/ brown ribbon around the base:

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Wedding Planning Day 1

Posted by jen on February 25, 2010

Drew and I made our way to McAllen this past weekend to start the wedding planning process.  We started our day with a cake tasting at Cynthia’s for the wedding cake

We decided on an amazing design for our wedding cake and went with the traditional French Vanilla flavor.  After cake, cake, and more cake we made our way to the Country Club to start talking about the reception.

We tasted SO much food! :) We had some yummy appetizers to choose from:

Sausage stuffed mushroom, smoked salmon and crab cake.  The smoked salmon and crab cake were great!  Not sure on our 3rd, non seafood appetizer yet.

And several entrees:

Chick marsala, pork tenderloin, stuffed chicken and we also tried a veggie lasagna which I didn’t take a picture of. ¬†So far we have decided we will def. have the veggie lasagna and the stuffed chicken. ¬†Not sure on the beef option yet. ¬†We’re thinking some sort of carving station. ¬†We made some GREAT choices! ūüôā

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