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Shower time

Posted by jen on September 4, 2010

My first wedding shower is at the end of this month.  Things are finally starting to get busy wedding wise so I’m sure I’ll now use this much more often.  I’m so glad I took the semester off from Grad school.  I couldn’t imagine juggling that and wedding.  Tonight I got everything we need for hostess gifts for the 3 showers I’m having.  I loaded up at World Market.

I got these nice baskets that came w/ cellophane wrapping, and rafia.  I bought some orange stuffing also to tie in with our colors.  Each basket has lotion from Scotland and 2 nice bars of soap from France! 🙂

I went ahead and did the baskets for my school shower and my Austin shower.  I will wait to assemble the baskets for the McAllen shower and do it when I get there.

Mack Brown did NOT approve of the whole process.  He’s such a nynnie when it comes to noises. He could NOT stand the noise the cellophane made.  Silly pup

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