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So much happening so quickly!

Posted by jen on July 4, 2010

My Mom and I spent the  majority of Thursday putting together wedding invites.  That had to be the worst thing ever.  So many labels, so many details, so much stuffing!  Luckily my MOH has stepped in and is wanting to help me next time I’m in McAllen.  Here is a snipit of what my Thursday looked like:

This was our poor attempt of trying to match the inside envelope (on the table) to the outside envelope. nightmare!

I got my dress in this week!!!!! Cant wait to take it to the Austin tailor and get it fixed up just how I want it.  Here are a couple of pictures (non traditional wedding = why not show the dress?!?!)

1st pic is the back to show the train, 2nd is back w/ the sash

We are getting married on a golf course at the McAllen Country Club.  Wedding is private – immediate family only so, to me, this dress is perfection.  Simple yet elegant and not over the top wedding-y since we aren’t having a traditional ceremony.  The vows are private to us and the MOST important part.  We chose to have it this way for 2 reasons: 1. I didn’t want to have to to deal w/ walking down an aisle w/ out my Dad. There are several who could have stood in his place but I want this to be HAPPY and that would have been way too hard for me.  2. We are just a really private couple.  We like being alone and we felt the vows should be done w/ only family.  No worries, BIG, fun reception to follow for everyone!!! (if only I can find a DJ to make it all come together!)

I mentioned earlier but drew got my wedding band!  Here it is put together:

hello BLING!   Love it

Things I still need to do:

-book our hotel for wedding night

-find a DJ!!!!

-finalize reception menu

-switch up the wedding cake filling

-coordinate w/ bridesmaids on their dresses

-finish up labeling wedding invites on people whom have not given addresses!

(there are other things, but these are the most pressing) I’ve dreamt of my wedding all my life but now that it’s 125 days away i’m just so sick of “planning”.  Cant it just get here, we have a great big party and be done w/ it?

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  1. Beca said

    Seriously! BLING!!!

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