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Wedding Band

Posted by jen on May 29, 2010

Drew sent off my ring last week.  A small side diamond fell out and while it was at the dealer he bought it from, Drew went ahead and bought the band to go with it.  We’ve not been able to find a band that fits around the cut of the center diamond, but this comes pretty close!

Drew has big fingers! haha it barely fits on the tip of his pinky! 🙂 Looks so nice though! Getting excited!

I bought my wedding dress today!!! It’s being shipped.  Should I post a picture here or is that just way too much?  Diana….?! 🙂


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Engagement Pics are in!

Posted by jen on May 10, 2010

Here is a slideshow the photographer made for us! looove it 🙂


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Waiting for Engagement Pics!

Posted by jen on May 6, 2010

We took our engagement pictures last Friday.  Cliff met us at Bull Creek.  My original dress ended up being way too baggy so I found this dress last min.

I wore a little navy blue cardigan over it….cute, cute, cute.  Cant wait to see how they turned out.  The day was a VERY humid one and by the end of the shoot we all were drenched in sweat and my bangs were plastered to my forehead.  Really attractive 🙂  Hopefully Cliff works his magic! 🙂

We fired our florist and are going with some new people.  They are going to do GREAT work and their proposal was less than half that of our 1st guy.  More money to spend on the reception! woohoo!  Mom is coming in town tomorrow and she wants to get more planning done.  I’m in my last week of finals so don’t know if I can completely get in the wedding mode just yet.  Should be fun though!

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