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Cake Topper and FLOWERS

Posted by jen on April 14, 2010

I finally got my cake topper in the mail!  I ordered this almost 2 months ago!  So truth be told I ordered 2 cake toppers.  I hated the 1st one but i really LOOOOOVE this one!!!

In other news…we finally found a florist.  I really think he’s going to do amazing work, but I’ve already had to get “bridezilla” on him.  I have specific colors! Orange , brown and gold….yet his proposal included purple and deep red .  I doooooon’t think so!  Also we gave him a very specific (and LARGE) budget to work with and he went way over that.  People need to listen better.  ugh.

In other, other news Drew got a job offer with the government!!!!!  The job offer is like step 4 of 10 but the other steps move pretty quickly.  Looks like we’ll be moving out of Texas in the very near future.  Kind of exciting for us.  We are really looking forward to starting our lives together in a new place.

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