Drew & Jen's Wedding

Planning the big day!

Wedding Planning Day 1

Posted by jen on February 25, 2010

Drew and I made our way to McAllen this past weekend to start the wedding planning process.  We started our day with a cake tasting at Cynthia’s for the wedding cake

We decided on an amazing design for our wedding cake and went with the traditional French Vanilla flavor.  After cake, cake, and more cake we made our way to the Country Club to start talking about the reception.

We tasted SO much food! :) We had some yummy appetizers to choose from:

Sausage stuffed mushroom, smoked salmon and crab cake.  The smoked salmon and crab cake were great!  Not sure on our 3rd, non seafood appetizer yet.

And several entrees:

Chick marsala, pork tenderloin, stuffed chicken and we also tried a veggie lasagna which I didn’t take a picture of.  So far we have decided we will def. have the veggie lasagna and the stuffed chicken.  Not sure on the beef option yet.  We’re thinking some sort of carving station.  We made some GREAT choices! 🙂

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