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Engagement Dress

Posted by jen on February 27, 2010

Drew took me to Anthropologie today!  I bought the dress I’m going to wear for our engagement pictures.  Those will be taken in May.  The photographer wanted us in the same color, and wanted it to be a dark color.  I got this CUTE Navy blue sun/shirt dress:

I also got a pretty gold necklace to go with it.  Now all I need is the PERFECT shoes!! 🙂

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Posted by jen on February 25, 2010

I’ve got to start getting my flower ideas together.  We are meeting with some florist over Spring Break.  I want some tables to have tall, branchy center pieces:

And I want some to have normal flower arrangements:

I want it all to look VERY modern and have lots, and lots of candles.  I want my bouquet to be mostly white with a few pops of color:

The bridesmaids will have all orange bouquets w/ brown ribbon around the base:

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Wedding Planning Day 1

Posted by jen on February 25, 2010

Drew and I made our way to McAllen this past weekend to start the wedding planning process.  We started our day with a cake tasting at Cynthia’s for the wedding cake

We decided on an amazing design for our wedding cake and went with the traditional French Vanilla flavor.  After cake, cake, and more cake we made our way to the Country Club to start talking about the reception.

We tasted SO much food! :) We had some yummy appetizers to choose from:

Sausage stuffed mushroom, smoked salmon and crab cake.  The smoked salmon and crab cake were great!  Not sure on our 3rd, non seafood appetizer yet.

And several entrees:

Chick marsala, pork tenderloin, stuffed chicken and we also tried a veggie lasagna which I didn’t take a picture of.  So far we have decided we will def. have the veggie lasagna and the stuffed chicken.  Not sure on the beef option yet.  We’re thinking some sort of carving station.  We made some GREAT choices! 🙂

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Wedding Planning Day 2

Posted by jen on February 24, 2010

Did I mention we did LOTS of eating?  Saturday morning Drew and I started at the country club for breakfast with my grandma.  We then went to Costa Messa for a DELICIOUS Mexican lunch.  That is by far my favorite Mexican food place in McAllen.  After all that eating we made our way to Chris’s house for the groom’s cake tasting.

First of all how amazing is this presentation?!?! Chris did such a great, great job.  We had 4 different flavors of filling to choose from: coffee, mint, raspberry and carmel.

Chris warned me that we would have a hard time making a choice and boy was he right! I am not a huge chocolate cake fan.  This was THE BEST cake I’ve tasted! NO JOKE!!!!!! It was really fun to eat cake, cake and more cake!

We ended up choosing the coffee and the raspberry.  This is Chris with the cake design:

Eventually we made our way to House/Wine.  We are going to have our rehearsal dinner here.  I love this place!!! We ate a cesar salad and then Drew and I split the butternut squash rissotto with chicken.

Seriously the food is killer.  Everything is so fresh and such high quality.  YUM YUM YUM! :)

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