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Let the buying begin!

Posted by jen on December 3, 2009

So far I have purchased:

-400 monogramed bar napkins!

-An autograph picture frame to use at the reception

-Personalized favor bag stickers

We decided on the favors…hence the stickers.  I’ll be ordering a 9234 dozen Tiffany’s Treats cookies.  Each guest will get 2 cookies.  Cant decide if I should have TT box them for us since they offer that or I just save $ and bag them myself.  Prolly the later but part of me just wants that darn cute box that says Tiffany’s Treats.

Decided I need to do invites in person.  No clue what to do for the out of towners.  Do i still put directions to the hotel directly across from the Club…it’s not like McAllen is hard to navigate.  Too many questions. boo

2 Responses to “Let the buying begin!”

  1. Jana Cast said

    Hi Jen,

    Speaking as an “out-of-towner”, directions would be most appreciated!!! Especially for my direction-challenged husband…Hah!

  2. Hell yea to Tiff’s treats!! BTW I better be invited! I give love to all your blogs. 🙂

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