Drew & Jen's Wedding

Planning the big day!


Posted by jen on October 26, 2009

So we aren’t engaged yet but it’s coming soon! I was hoping for November but I think that it will probably happen in December.  Anyway…yesterday we decided on a date for the wedding so for now I’ll use this blog to keep wedding ideas and then once we’re engaged we’ll get to the FUN stuff!! actual wedding planning!!

So the date is November 6, 2010.  Like good Longhorn fans, we had to check the 2010 football schedule to make sure that there was no home game that day.  🙂  I think my Mom is REALLY excited about planning.  I wish Drew was on board for being as excited.  Since the wedding will be in November I’m thinking keeping the color scheme in the deep oranges.

I really love this….like the oranges and soft greens.


and for center pieces I want something tall and branchy like this:centerpiece

more to come 🙂

One Response to “Pre-planning”

  1. Jana Cast said

    I love autumn colors, too. Orange, gold, brown, etc. I also like the way you plan to wear your hair. Keep us posted on more updates!!!! This is a great website!

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