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Wedding favors – HELP

Posted by jen on October 10, 2010

So we have decided that for favors we will do 2 Tiff’s Treats cookies in a little bag w/ candy at the bottom.  I had decided on M&Ms….was going to custom order orange and gold M&Ms to go w/ our colors but at central market yesterday Pumpkin Spice malted milk balls caught my eye.  I’m not a HUGE malted milk ball fan, but anything pumpkin is amazing.  So I stole one from the candy bar just to taste and it was so, so good!!!!! So now, I have no clue what to do!!! Pumpkin malted milk balls or M&Ms?????


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10/2 Wedding Shower in McAllen

Posted by jen on October 4, 2010

The McAllen shower was great!  Lots of old church friends were there.  Here is a slide show of the pics:

Click download under 10/2:


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Drew’s gift

Posted by jen on September 29, 2010

We took Mack Brown in to our wedding photographer to get some professional pictures taken.  We love our dog a lot 🙂  Since he is Drew’s little boy, my Mom got the photographer to frame a picture he took of Mack as Drew’s wedding present.  She gave it to him this past weekend.  It’s SUCH a good picture!!! 🙂

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Wedding shower

Posted by jen on September 27, 2010

Had my first wedding shower this past Sunday.  I was so thankful for all that were able to come.  really sad about people who didn’t come…but maybe that’s my crazy stress talking.  the important people who care were there.  Here is a slideshow of pictures:


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buy, buy, buy!

Posted by jen on September 15, 2010

thats all we do lately!! yesterday Natalie (a bridesmaid) and I went shoe and jewelry shopping!  We got our mission accomplished for the most part.  I got my earings from Serendipty:

And shoes at David’s

I LOOOOOVE the earings!!! they are going to look great with something that is on my dress 🙂  All i need now is a necklace 🙂

I also ordered personalized note pads to add to the hostess baskets.  🙂  Next weekend is my first wedding shower!! So exciting! 🙂

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Posted by jen on September 12, 2010

Invites should have arrived for the most part….here they are:

simple and modern

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Posted by jen on September 7, 2010

Diana came into town this past weekend.  We got pedicures, ate at Eastside and discussed wedding stuff.  It was fun!!!

Crazy Diana tried on my veil! 🙂 hahaha She’s so funny

My veil was really expensive! $200 for some tool? really? (dont worry mom i paid for it!)but it’s pretty and simple and it just makes it feel official like everyone says.  Here is up close of the detail on the trim.

LOVE IT!!!!!

I still need a necklace and earings for  the wedding…and shoes, as well as an outfit for the rehearsal.  I think i found a dress for the rehearsal at Anthropologie, just need to go check it out.  These small details add up price wise so quickly!  After those things I think I should be totally done with wedding stuff.

Today I got the invitation to my wedding shower in Austin that is at the end of this month! So pretty!!

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Art project

Posted by jen on September 5, 2010

So I bought this pretty gift box to hold cards from people.(like a bird cage)  I loved it…sparkly and so pretty!!

but it was SILVER!! my colors are brown, burnt orange and gold.  So, I put my Kinder skills to good work and re did it.  Got a bottle of gold spray paint, some mod podge and lots of glitter.  Mom was unsure it would work, but it came out great!

love it!!!!

I took my dress to the alteration lady today.  She’s going to add sleeves, hem it, and take it in a lot.  It’s going to look AMAZING. i’m finally SO SO SO excited about my dress.  The alterations are going to cost me double the cost of the dress though.  haha but SO worth it!

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Shower time

Posted by jen on September 4, 2010

My first wedding shower is at the end of this month.  Things are finally starting to get busy wedding wise so I’m sure I’ll now use this much more often.  I’m so glad I took the semester off from Grad school.  I couldn’t imagine juggling that and wedding.  Tonight I got everything we need for hostess gifts for the 3 showers I’m having.  I loaded up at World Market.

I got these nice baskets that came w/ cellophane wrapping, and rafia.  I bought some orange stuffing also to tie in with our colors.  Each basket has lotion from Scotland and 2 nice bars of soap from France! 🙂

I went ahead and did the baskets for my school shower and my Austin shower.  I will wait to assemble the baskets for the McAllen shower and do it when I get there.

Mack Brown did NOT approve of the whole process.  He’s such a nynnie when it comes to noises. He could NOT stand the noise the cellophane made.  Silly pup

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Posted by jen on August 30, 2010

Been so busy with the start of a new school year!! I have neglected my little blog!!

I got a new wedding dress!!!!!! You wont get to see this one.  It’s simple and flowy.  Greek goddess style.  I have my initial fitting with a seamstress this coming Saturday.

Tonight Drew and I have been working on this:

There are lots more crazy songs 🙂  Lets see…so many things are coming up soon.  I have an Austin wedding shower Sep. 26, and a McAllen shower Oct. 2.  Very exciting!!! Our wedding invites go out after Labor Day so once those have arrived, I will scan one in here. 🙂 The are so simple and modern.  LOVE them!

In other news:  my poor Mack Brown is teething.  He’s been destroying furniture, grinding his teeth and moping around like a sad puppy.

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